Xuan HAN(Professor)

  • Email:Xuanhan2002@163.com
  • Tel:+8613011074455
  • Affiliation:BGI Engineering Consultants LTD
  • Address:15 Yangfangdian Road,Haidian District, Beijing,100038,P.R. China
Education 2006: Ph.D. from Xi’an University of Technology 
1998: Master of Science from Xi’an University of Technology
1995: Bachelor degree from Xi’an University of Technology
Work Experience 1998.04~2002.10 Engineer with Beijing Geotechnical Institute (BGI)
2002.10~2003.10 Visiting Researcher of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London,  
2003.10-2006.8 Senior Engineer with Beijing Geotechnical Institute
2006.8-2008.10 Director of the Geotechnical Research Division, Beijing Geotechnical Institute 
2008.10-now Vice Chief Engineer of Beijing Geotechnical Institute, Director of the Geotechnical Research Division and Director of the Geotechnical Consulting and Design Division

Research Interests Ground movements due to underground construction
Pile Foundation and Ground Treatment
Foundation Settlements,
Structure and Soil Interaction,
Numerical Simulation for Geotechnical Engineering
Major Publications 1.HAN Xuan, WANG Xin. Ground surface settlement profiles caused by deep excavation in Beijing, Building Science,2020,36(Supp) , 185-190
2.LUO Wenlin, HAN Xuan, HOU Wei, ZHOU Honglei. Analysis Method for the Longitudinal Equivalent Bending Stiffness of Shield Tunnels, Modern Tunnelling Technology, 2017, 54(6):8-14,23
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20.WANG Junhui, HAN Xuan, Preliminary Study on Tertiary Engineering Geological Conditions in Beijing Plain Area. Journal of Engineering Geology, 2012,20(5):682-685
Honors and Social Service


1.Second prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award (2020)

2.First prize of Standard Scientific and Technological Innovation Award (2020)
3.Third Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award (2018)
4.Mao Yisheng Youth Award for soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering(2016);
5.Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award (2014)
6.Gold medal of Beijing invention competition (2014)
7.The top academic paper of China's top scientific and technological journals (f5000)(2014)
8.First prize of satellite navigation and positioning science and Technology Progress Award(2013)
9.The 10th Excellent Paper Award of China Civil Engineering Society(2012)
10.Second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award (2005)
11.First Prize of Xi'an Science and Technology Award (2005)
12.Second Prize of Science and technology progress award of the Ministry of Education (2005)
13.Second Prize of Shaanxi science and Technology Award (2005)

14.The 6th Beijing Youth excellent scientific and Technological Paper (2001)

Social Service

Member of the Executive Committee of Chinese Institution of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, China Civil Engineering Society. 
Standing Director of the Executive Committee of the Foundation Engineering Branch, the Architectural Society of China.
Member of the Executive Committee of Underground Engineering Branch, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering. 
Editorial panel member of the Chinese Journal of Rock and Soil Mechanics