Jian Chen(Professor)

  • Email:jchen@whrsm.ac.cn
  • Tel:+8613507185030
  • Affiliation:Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS
  • Address:Shuiguohu,Wuhan,Hubei 430071,P. R. China

2004: Ph.D. from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

2001: Ph.D. from Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS, China

1997: Master of Science from Wuhan University of Technology, China

1994: Bachelor degree from Wuhan University of Technology, China

Work Experience

2010 – present, Professor, Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS, Wuhan, China 

2008 – 2010, Geotechnical Engineer, Atkins Ltd, UK

2006 – 2008, Research Associate, The University of Manchester, UK

2005 – 2006, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Dae Won Soil Co., Ltd., South Korea 

2004 – 2005, Research Assistant, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong 

1997 – 2001, Assistant Researcher, Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS, Wuhan, China

Research Interests Geotechnical variability and risk
Statistical characterization of soil parameters
Random field generation for soil spatial variability
Stochastic modelling using finite elements
Reliability analysis and risk management
Numerical analysis
Limit analysis using rigid element
High performance computing
Underground construction
Tunnelling and deep excavation and their Influence on adjacent structures
Monitoring and assessment of infrastructures
3D geological modelling and BIM
Major Publications 1. Cheng, H.Z., Chen, J.*, Chen, R.P., Huang, J.H., Li, J.H. Three-dimensional analysis of tunnel face stability in spatially variable soils. Computers and Geotechnics. 111:76-88, 2019.
2. Cheng, H.Z., Chen, J., Chen, G.L. Analysis of ground surface settlement induced by a large EPB shield tunnelling: a case study in Beijing, China. Environmental Earth Sciences. 78(20):605, 2019.
3. Cheng, H.Z., Chen, J.*, Chen, R.P., Chen, G.L. Reliability study on shield tunnel face using a random limit analysis method in multilayered soils. Tunnelling and underground space technology.   84(2):353-363, 2019.
4. Cheng, H.Z., Chen, J.*, Chen, R.P., Chen, G.L. Comparison of Modeling Soil Parameters Using Random Variables and Random Fields in Reliability Analysis of Tunnel Face. International Journal of Geomechanics. 19(1):1-13, 2019.
5. 李健斌,陈健,程红战,张善凯,吴佳明,胡之锋. 考虑空间变异性的盾构隧道地层力学响应敏感性分析. 岩石力学与工程学报. 38(8):1667-1676, 2019.
6. 黄珏皓,陈健,孔令智,刘府生,柯文汇,邱岳峰,李健斌.  考虑循环围压与振动频率影响的饱和软黏土动力特性试验研究. 岩土力学. 40(1):173-182, 2019.
7. Cheng, H.Z., Chen, J.*, Chen, R.P., Chen, G.L., Zhong Y. Risk assessment of slope failure considering the variability in soil properties. Computers and Geotechnics. 103:61-72, 2018.
8. 钟宇,陈健,陈国良,吴佳明. 基于建筑信息模型技术的盾构隧道结构信息模型建模方法. 岩土力学. 39(5):1867-1876, 2018.
9. 程红战,陈健,胡之锋,黄珏皓. 考虑砂土抗剪强度空间变异性的盾构开挖面稳定性分析. 岩土力学. 39(8): 3047-3054, 2018.
10. 黄珏皓,陈健,柯文汇,钟宇,邱岳峰. 双向激振循环荷载和振动频率共同作用下饱和软黏土孔压试验研究. 岩土工程学报. 39(S2): 71-74, 2017.
11. 程红战,陈健,胡之锋,李健斌. 考虑参数空间变异性的隧道下穿建筑物安全性评价. 岩土工程学报. 39(S2): 75-78, 2017.
12. 陈健, 王占盛. 互相关参数随机场反演的“一体两分”方法. 岩土力学. 37(6): 1773-1780, 2016.
13. 柯文汇,陈健,盛谦,黄珏皓. 结构性软黏土时效特性的一维弹黏塑性模拟. 岩土力学. 37(9): 2561-2568, 2016.
14. 柯文汇,陈健,盛谦. 结构性软粘土的一维弹粘塑性模型. 岩土工程学报. 38(3):494-503, 2016.
15. M.A. Hicks, J.D. Nuttall, J. Chen. Influence of heterogeneity on 3D slope reliability and failure consequence.  Computers and Geotechnics, 61(1):198-208, 2014.
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19. J. Chen, J.H. Yin, C.F. Lee.  Stability analysis of the permanent shiplock slopes of the Three Gorges Project.  International J of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 41(3), 472-473 (full paper in CD Rom attached to the journal), 2004.
20. J. Chen, J.H. Yin, C.F. Lee. Upper Bound Limit Analysis of Slope Stability Using Rigid Finite Elements and Non-linear Programming. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 40(4): 742-752, 2003.
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