Bing Liang(Professor)

  • Tel:86-13704181315
  • Affiliation:Liaoning Technical University
  • Address:Zhonghua Rd,Fuxin,Liaoning Province 123000,P. R. China
Education 1994:  Ph.D. from Northeastern University
1988:  Master of Engineering from Liaoning Technical University
1985:  Bachelor degree from Liaoning Technical University

Work Experience Nov. 2020- Present,  President and Secretary of the Party Committee, LNTU
June. 2017-Nov. 2020,President of LNTU
Dec. 2016-June. 2017,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, LNTU
Mar. 2009-Dec.2016,Vice President of LNTU
Oct. 2003-Mar. 2009,Dean and Secretary of the Party Committee, School of Postgraduates, LNTU
Apr.2000-Oct.2003,Dean, School of Postgraduates, LNTU
Apr. 1998-Apr. 2000,Director, Department of Science and Technology, LNTU
Apr. 1995-Apr. 1998,Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology, LNTU
Mar.1988-Mar. 1991,Lecturer, Department of Liberal Education, Fuxin Mining Institute.

Research Interests Firstly she was engaged in the research of mechanism and prevention of coal and gas outburst, put forward the internal time constitutive model of coal body containing gas, and established the evaluation system and synergistic mechanism of coal and gas co-mining. 

Secondly she was engaged in the research of the mechanism and development of evaluation mechanism of the occurrence and migration of coal seam gas, established the fluid-solid coupling model of coal bed methane component fluid in the process of gas injection and stimulation,and analyzed the reasonable pattern of density of coal bed methane group well drainage and production under complex geological conditions.

Thirdly she was engaged in the research of release regularity and prevention of solute in solid waste and established the multi-physical field coupling mathematical model which was characterized by the process of solute release and migration in solid waste forest solution produced in mineral resources exploitation.  

Major Publications 1. Solid Fluid Coupling Instability Theory of Coal and Gas Outburst. Bing Liang, Mengtao Zhang, Yongjia Wang, Geological Publishing House, Sept.2000. 
2. Theory and Application of Low Permeability Coalbed Methane Exploitation. Bing Liang, Keming Sun, Science and Technology Press, Aug. 2006.
3. Fluid Mechanics of Coal and Rock. Mengtao Zhang, Yishan Pan, Bing Liang, Science and Technology Press, Aug.1995
4. Boundary Layer Theory and Its Application for Solid-liquid Two-phase Flow Pump. Bing Liang, Yucai Zhu, Science and Technology Press, Jan. 2003.
5. Mechanism and Mumerical Prediction of Groundwater Pollution by Coal Gangue Leaching Solution
Bing Liang, Liping Xiao, Liaoning Science and Technology Press, May. 2012.

Honors and Social Service


She was honored with the outstanding teacher of Liaoning Province, the excellent individual of Liaoning Province postgraduates enrollment work, the 6th Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker of Liaoning Provincial, and the outstading expert of Liaoning Province. She won Sun Yueqi Outstanding Youth Award of China Science and Technology Development Foundation and Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award. In 2000, she obtained the special government allowance of the State Council. In 2001 she was promoted to one of the hundred person level candidate of the 2nd batch of talents project of Liaoning Province and in 2012 one of the Distinguished Professor of Liaoning Province respectively.

Social Service 

She was an executive director of China Society of Security and Protection, a memmber of committee of safety of China Coal Association, a member of 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th , 13th , 14th session of national academic committee of percolation mechanics, a member of committee of deep rock mechanics of Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, a member of committee of coal mine safety expert of National Coal Industry Technical Committee, and a expert of committee of coal mine safety of China Safety Production Standardization Technical Committee. 
She was an editorial member of Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Journal of Coal Mine and Chemical Industry, and Journal of Mining and Safety Engineering. Moreover, she was a member of committee of qualification review for research professor and senior professional technical positon, Liaoning Province.