Youliang Zhang(Professor)

  • Tel:86-13995613810
  • Affiliation:Hainan University
  • Address:Renming Road 58,Haikou,Hainan 570228,P. R. China
Education 2003: Ph.D. from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
1998: Master of Science from Wuhan University of Technology
1995: Bachelor degree from Wuhan University of Technology

Work Experience 2017-present, Hainan University
2009-2017, Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS
2008-2009, University of Strathclyde, UK
2004-2008, Durham University, UK
1998-2004, Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS

Research Interests Finite element method and numerical manifold method
High performance computing in geotechnical engineering
Underground engineering and slope engineering 

Major Publications 1. 张友良,莫思阳. 数值流形法覆盖系统并行生成算法研究, 长江科学院院报,37(10):1-8,2020.10. 
2. YouLiang Zhang, DengXue Liu, Fei Tan. (2015) Numerical manifold method based on isogeometric analysis. Science China Technological Sciences 58, 1520-1532. 
3. 张友良;刘登学;刘高敏,数值流形法的T样条局部加密算法,岩土力学,2016.8.10,(08):2404~2410。
4. 张友良;谭飞;张礼仁;施明明,岩土工程亿级单元有限元模型可扩展并行计算,岩土力学,2016.9.01,(11):3309~3316。 
5. 刘登学, 张友良, 刘高敏. 基于适合分析T 样条的高阶数值流形方法. 力学学报, 2017, 49(1): 212-222
6. Youliang Zhang, Domenico Gallipoli. Development of an Object-Oriented Parallel Finite Element Code for Unsaturated Soils, 2007, theoretical and numerical unsaturated soil mechanics, T.Schanz, 177-183, Springer. 
7. Youliang Zhang, Charles Augarde, Domenico Gallipoli,. Identification of hydraulic parameters for unsaturated soils using particle swarm optimization. Unsaturated Soils:Advances in Geo-Engineering. 2008,p765-771.
8. Youliang Zhang, Domenico Gallipoli, Charles Augarde. Simulation-based calibration of geotechnical parameters using parallel hybrid moving boundary particle swarm optimisation,. Computers and Geotechnics, online available,2008.
9. Youliang Zhang, Domenico Gallipoli, Charles Augarde. Parallel computing of unsaturated soils using element-by-element and domain decomposition methods. Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Conference on Unsaturated Soils. 2007,p425-430.
10. Tan, Fei; Zhang, Youliang; Li, Yinping. Development of a meshless hybrid boundary node method for Stokes flows. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 37(6), pp 899-908, 2013/6.  
11. Tan, Fei; Zhang, Youliang. The regular hybrid boundary node method in the bending analysis of thin plate structures subjected to a concentrated load. European Journal of Mechanics - A: Solids, Vol 38, pp 79-89, MAR-APR 2013/4.  

Honors and Social Service Honors
1、Technological leading talent of Hainan Providence, 2019
2、Hundred-Talent Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Social Service 
1、Investigation of natural disaster and strategic consulting in Hainan Province, 2021
2、Tunnel excavation monitoring in Guzhu highway, Hubei Province, 2015