Shunhua Zhou(Professor)

  • Tel:+86-021-69583655
  • Affiliation:Tongji University
  • Address:No. 4800, Cao’an Highway,Jiading District,Shanghai 201804,P. R. China
Education 1997: Ph.D. from Southwest Jiaotong University
1986: Master of Science from Southwest Jiaotong University
1982: Bachelor degree from Southwest Jiaotong University

Work Experience 1.2000/05 - , Tongji University, School of Transportation Engineering, Professor
2.1998/07-2000/04, Shanghai Railway University, College of Civil Engineering, Professor
3.1994/01-1998/06, Shanghai Railway University, College of Civil Engineering, Associate Professor
4.1988/06-1993/12, Shanghai Railway University, College of Civil Engineering, Lecturer

Research Interests Prof. Zhou Shunhua focus on the understanding, prediction and finally control of the soil-structure dynamic interactions during the construction, service as well as maintenance of railway infrastructures, such as the excavation stability and efficiency; long-term settlement control, dynamic safety and stability, deformation recovery of the main structures concerning high-speed railway and urban rail transit.
Major Publications [1] Zhou Shunhua. DYNAMICS OF RAIL TRANSIT TUNNEL SYSTEMS. Elsevier publication (Academic press), London, 2019.
[2] Zhou Shunhua, He Chao, Guo Peijun, et al. (2019). Dynamic response of a segmented tunnel in saturated soil using a 2.5-D FE-BE methodology. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 120: 386–397.
[3] Zhou Shunhua, Guo Peijun, Stolle DFE (2018) Interaction Model for “Shelled Particles” and Small-Strain Modulus of Granular Materials. Journal of Applied Mechanics 85:101001.
[4] Zhou Shunhua, Zhang Xiaohui, Wu Di, et al. (2018). Mathematical Modeling of Slurry Infiltration and Particle Dispersion in Saturated Sand[J]. Transport in Porous Media, 2018(3):1-26.
[5] Zhou Shunhua, Xiao Junhua, Di Honggui, et al. (2018). Differential settlement remediation for a new shield metro tunnel in soft soils using corrective grouting method: a case study[J]. Canadian Geotechnical Journal. ( DOI.10.1139/cgj-2017-0382)
[6] Zhou Shunhua, Zhang Xiaohui, Di Honggui, et al. (2018). Metro train-track- tunnel-soil dynamic interactions–Semi-analytical approach[J]. Vehicle System Dynamics, 2018 (7) :1-24.

Honors and Social Service Honors
[1] National award for technological invention, Second Class, 2018, Rank 1/6, Project “Underground engineering crossing high speed railway: Refined control technology and application”.
[2] National award for technological invention, Second Class, 2015, Rank 2/6, Project “Safety control and efficient tunneling technology of shield tunneling in sand-pebble strata”.
Social Service 
Prof. Zhou Shunhua has his research achievements applied to solve the practical problems in many representative engineering projects, such as the tunneling stability control of shield machine during crossing the Yangtze Revier, Yellow Revier, Qiantang Revier; the settlement control of Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway subgrade; the optimization design of tunnel structure in soft clay area (including Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shaoxing, etc).