Qiangyong Zhang(professor)

  • Email:qiangyongz@sdu.edu.cn
  • Tel:8613969168296
  • Affiliation:Geotechnical Engineering Center of Shandong University
  • Address:No.17923 Jingshi Road,Jinan,Shandong 250061,P. R. China

1998: Ph.D. from Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1995: Master of Science from Wuhan University
Work Experience 1. 2003-Now, To engage in teaching and scientific research in Shandong University
2. 1998-2003, To engage in geotechnical engineering design in Shenzhen Geological Bureau

Research Interests Surrounding rock stability analysis and safety control technology of the deep cavern
Major Publications 1.Zhang Qiangyong, Li Shucai, Zhang Xutao, et al. Failure mechanism of deep cavern and stability analysis method of surrounding rock and engineering application. Beijing: Science Press, 2017.
2.Zhang Qiangyong, Li Shucai, Yang Wendong, et al. Rheological test and rheological theory for high  slope rock mass and engineering application. Beijing: Science Press, 2014.
3.Zhang Qiangyong, Li Shucai, Li Yong, et al. New methods, new technology and engineering application of underground engineering model test. Beijing: Science Press, 2012.
4.Qiangyong Zhang, Fan Li , Kang Duan,et al . Experimental investigation on splitting failure of high sidewall cavern under three-dimensional high in-situ stress[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. 2021,108,103725.
5. Qiangyong Zhang,  Chuancheng Liu, Kang Duan, et al. True Three‑dimensional geomechanical model tests for stability analysis of surrounding rock during the excavation of a deep underground laboratory[J].Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering ,2020, 53:517–537
6.Yue Zhang, Qiang-Yong Zhang*, Kang Duan, et al. Reliability analysis of deep underground research laboratory in Beishan for geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste[J],Computers and Geotechnics,2020, 118,103328.
7. Qiang-Yong Zhang, Yue Zhang, Kang Duan, et al. Large-scale geo-mechanical model tests for the stability assessment of deep underground complex under true-triaxial stress[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology ,2019,83:577-591
8.Qiang-yong Zhang , Ming-yang Ren , Kang Duan , et al. Geo-mechanical model test on the collaborative bearing effect of rock support system for deep tunnel in complicated rock strata[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology,2019, 91,103001
9. Q.Y. Zhang, K. Duan, Y.Y. Jiao, et al. Physical model test and numerical simulation for the stability analysis of deep gas storage cavern group located in bedded rock salt formation[J]. International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences.2017,94:43–54
10. Qiangyong Zhang, Xutao Zhang, Zhechao Wang, et al. Failure mechanism and numerical simulation of zonal disintegration around a deep tunnel under high stress[J]. International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences.2017, 93:344–355

Honors and Social Service Honors
1. Outstanding new century talent of the Ministry of Education of China
2. Special expert of Taishan scholars
3. Special professor of Shandong University
Social Service
To undertake and complete 30 scientific research projects, including national 973 projects, National key research and development plan projects, National natural science foundation project of China, et al . Significant research results have been achieved in the analysis method and safety control technology of zonal disintegration in deep cavern, the fine physical simulation method of deformation failure mechanism of rock mass and the operation risk assessment and regulation mechanism for deep salt rock oil and gas reservoir group.
I have won 1 second prize of national technological invention (ranked 3rd),  1 second prize of national science and technology progress (ranked 3rd), 1 first prize of technological invention of Shandong provincial(ranked 1st), 1 second prize of science and technology progress of Shandong province (ranked 1st) , and 2 first prize of science and technology progress of provincial and ministerial level (ranked 2nd and 6th).